Who is Silhouette?

I chose my nom de plume so that others might imagine my image in the world similarly to way I actually see theirs. Over a decade ago, my eyes were damaged by Graves disease making it impossible to see in detail. I often tell new clients,
“You are a silhouette to me so~
I’m Silhouette to you!”

About Silhouette : Silhouette's Salon, Iris Colored Dreams

Reverend Annie & Silhouette at the Umpqua Unitarian Universalist Church, Roseburg, Oregon

Although I had given friends & associates PsychicGenealogy readings as gifts for many years, I was honored when asked by my local Unitarian church to volunteer to do Aura readings for their annual psychic faire. I was very pleased to be invited back four years in a row. Each year, as the lines to my reading table grew, so did my confidence! The feedback was very encouraging and when the church’s event organizer said, “You should do this professionally!” I took a booth at the Eugene Saturday Market for two years. There I learned that, yes, indeed, providing psychic services is a wonderful occupation!

What is Iris Colored Dreams?

My salon, Iris Colored Dreams, is a safe, thoughtfully prepared environment where psychic services and resources are provided. These services and resources are inspired by a uniquely feminine approach to Everything. The feminine approach to Everything integrates the understanding that the Feminine is beyond gender, and that She consists of All that is Whole, Nurturing, Natural, and Strong.

Wholeness & the Psychic Level of Being

Modern times are a mixture of discovery and loss; for example, we are taught that human beings have 5 senses, perhaps 6, yet in ancient times, it was commonly understood that we actually have 360!

Mission Statement

Iris Colored Dreams’ mission is to support the recovery and development of all our natural senses and to promote wholeness by safely exploring & nurturing that questionable sense—the 6th sense—The Psychic—which is undoubtedly a doorway to many of the other senses we were originally created to experience and enjoy.

Awaken and Reconnect With Your Psychic Self!


Silhouette’s Salon…

Iris Colored Dreams

Iris Colored Dreams, Silhouette's Salon

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