Discussions with the Dearly Departed

$45.00 45 minutes

This offering helps you reconnect with your Loved Ones beyond the veil! Silhouette’s approach to speaking with and for the dead is rooted in Ancient Egyptian texts and images. Importantly, she founded her unique method in the ideals of every known religion and spiritual practice, including Christianity and Judaism. Furthermore, Discussions with the Dearly Departed reflect the reemergence of an old skill in a new time and place, transformed by a fresh understanding of the Feminine. The Feminine Filter allows safe openings of the positive psychic pathways between us Here and our loved ones on the Other Side, thus allowing you to talk with them.

Discussions with the Dearly Departed generally take 45 minutes (or so). Silhouette requests a donation of $45.00 for this offering. Sliding scale donation amounts are available upon request. Rest assured, these readings are very successfully done over the phone. Please use the calendar below to select your preferred appointment time and Silhouette will contact you to confirm. In the event of a scheduling conflict, Silhouette will contact you to set up a time that works for both of you.


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