Heavy Heart Star Chart Reading

From: $60.00

Are you currently attempting to sail through chaotic seas? Created by Silhouette, the Heavy Heart Star Chart is a new way to interpret planetary influences. Using this effective technique, Silhouette can help you find out who’s pushing your astrological buttons. More importantly, she can help you understand what you can do about it.

Silhouette’s proprietary Heavy Heart Star Chart readings generally take about an hour. Further, they are very successfully done on the phone. They cost $60.00 and sliding scale pricing is available upon request. Silhouette will contact you to confirm the day and time you’ve requested for your reading. If she’s not available at your requested time she will work with you to schedule a different appointment that works for both of you.

Be Advised~
This is a completely new, non-traditional approach to Astrology. Therefore, any associations to Astrology as practiced today or in the past are purely coincidental.

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