Psychic Development Package – Exclusive!

$175.00 30 minutes

Silhouette’s Psychic Development Package offering is must for everyone interested in exploring their psychic level of being!

What’s Included:

First, develop a closer relationship with one’s psychic level of being. We begin with the UQ to establish (or reestablish) conscious connections to your True Self. Importantly, this reading builds core confidence, which is key to a strong psychic foundation.

Second, Discover (or restore) your Psychic Filters. Importantly, this key step helps one become more psychically reliable. In addition, knowing your psychic filters protects your psyche.

Next, a Psychic Genealogy reading. Important because the more one knows about oneself, the better one is prepared to go deeper into their psychic level of being.

Further, you can further your psychic development by learning which colors are best to help one integrate. For this step, Silhouette recommends the ancient Egyptian practice of Chromotherapy.

After receiving the first four readings in Silhouette’s Psychic Development Package, one now has the courage to ask the deeper questions one hasn’t dared to ask before. Moreover, Silhouette’s Feminine Energy PowerWord readings (New Runes) provides connection to the answers.

Now for the sixth reading, Creating the Psychic Shield. For this, you create your own visual art piece—along the lines of a mandala. As a result, you protect the psychic chakra.

Lastly, create your own Kata. Silhouette shows you how to introduce yourself without words using a series of nine moves. Kata is a Japanese word ( or ) meaning “form.” It refers to a detailed choreographed pattern of movements made to be practiced alone or to be shared.

Silhouette’s Psychic Development Package – Certainly a Great Value!

In this offering, you receive seven psychic readings, worth $230 if done individually, for a donation of $175. Sliding scale donation amounts are available upon request. You can also contact Silhouette for information on group discounts.

To begin, schedule your first reading, the UQ. You can click on the calendar below to make an appointment. Silhouette will contact you to confirm the day and time you’ve requested for your reading. Silhouette receives requests for appointments in person as well as online. Therefore, she might not be available at your requested time. If this happens, she’ll work with you to schedule a different appointment that works for both of you. After that, you can schedule your subsequent readings directly with Silhouette.






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