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For those who want to indulge their desire to learn more about the details of past lives revealed through Silhouette’s practice, we offer our very first digital product! Subscribe to Silhouette’s exclusive Tales That Told Themselves for one year and get unlimited access to all the video and text Tales in our Members-Only blog! These fascinating stories shed light on the journey others have taken to get to this point in this life…and could help shed some light on your own story, too!

Please note that new Tales are added frequently, so there will be new content available to you periodically throughout your membership year.


The Tales That Told Themselves subscription offers exclusive access to a collection of Psychic Genealogy* readings by psychic artist, Silhouette. Steel Grey, narrated by Studio Divine Voiceover artist, Lisa Dubois, is from Volume 1 of this collection.

We are in the process of adding more video Tales, and we also have a number of text Tales we periodically add as blog posts. Please note that these additional Tales are available by subscription ONLY! We ask a modest amount for our subscription memberships, just enough to cover the expense of paying our talented voiceover artists and making the videos. We feel confident that after checking out the story of Steel Grey, you will be fascinated enough to want to watch and read more.

Here is an excerpt from the beginning of the Yellow Hand Tale:

Yellow Hand, Wild Child and The Horse of Knowing


In 1981, I learned the basics of safe psychic channeling and for many years I enjoyed giving friends & associates PsychicGenealogy* readings. And with each reading, I was always careful to invoke the spiritual support and protection I knew I needed and could trust. It was (and still is), my simple and important way to begin; however, after many years of practice, I learned rituals aren’t always required. Sometimes safe and valuable channelings begin in their own way and in their own time. Such was the situation with the psychic experience presented here.

A woman named Sara Glass and I were roommates in the mid-nineties. One warm summer evening, on a camping trip, we were enjoying the last rays of sun, braiding sweet grass. Our light conversation ended and we worked quietly for quite awhile, when something happened to my vision.

I was no longer looking down at my hands tightly braiding vibrant green blades of grass in a Paradise, Oregon campground. I was seeing instead, the hands of a young American Indian boy braiding coarse black strands of his horse’s mane in my exact same location, somewhere back in time.

This is the way the channeling of Yellow Hand, Wild Child, and The Horse Of Knowing began back in 1993 – a psychic connection that would last almost a full year.

Members can click this link to read “Yellow Hand, Wild Child and the Horse of Knowing,” a tale that told itself …and more on our Tales That Told Themselves blog as they are ready for publication. For an idea of the value this subscription offers, the Steel Grey video is a video with 8:46 runtime, and the Yellow Hand series is 20 chapters long, presented in a post for each chapter! It’s just $12 a year to unlock all the Tales That Told Themselves. Why not subscribe now and enjoy all these fascinating past-life stories as they are published?!

* Psychic Genealogy is akin to Past Life Readings, but with a new understanding. Who we Are grows up from the roots of Who we Were, plus the roots of Who we Will Become, because reincarnation is non-chronological. As Silhouette’s Guide/Friend, Charles F. Thompson wrote, “Existence is related to experience beyond the confines of just one lifetime.”

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