UQ Reading ~ Available ONLY with Silhouette!

From: $20.00

Discover the quality of You from the Subconscious’ view!

We all belong to a subconscious mind that exists within a subconscious mind that exists within a subconscious mind etc. The UQ is a concise questionnaire that reveals what the subconscious minds to which you belong would like you to know about yourself on 7 levels. Therefore, it’s ego-free, insightful and a true confidence-building experience. It doesn’t end with the questionnaire, because Silhouette will interpret your answers and explain to you how to build upon the strengths and weaknesses that are revealed.

The UQ reading is done very successfully over the phone and generally takes about half an hour. The cost is $20. Sliding scale pricing is available. Click on the calendar below to make an appointment.


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