Welcome to Iris Colored Dreams, Silhouette’s virtual salon, where you can review all of Silhouette’s psychic offerings and schedule an appointment for a modest donation. These offerings vary in duration, thus the suggested donation for each will vary as well. If you can’t quite scrape up the suggested donation amount, please contact Silhouette. She is happy to work out a different amount on a sliding scale for you.

Impressed by your reading? Most people find Silhouette’s gift to be encouraging, liberating, and even healing. If that was your experience, why not top up the suggested donation with an extra amount of your choice?! You can do this using her PayPal donation buttons or the QR code found throughout the website. If you haven’t spotted one yet, head straight for the contact page to find it. Silhouette gratefully welcomes your donation in any amount.

If you have experienced one of Silhouette’s offerings, please leave a review on the page of the corresponding offering.

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