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Welcome to Silhouette’s Blog! Here, with the consent of the person who she’s reading for, the gifted psychic shares some of the unbelievably fascinating Psychic Genealogy readings she has done. These were originally offered as a $12/year subscription, but now they’re available for you to read for free…only on Silhouette’s Blog! Perhaps one or more of these amazing stories has moved you deeply? You can help support Silhouette with a donation of any size.

Cappie’s Girl

“You know, Silhouette, every time Vickie sees a house near water she expresses concerns about the prospect of flooding…” Vickie’s best friend, Valerie asked with empathy, “Would we be able to understand why through a PsychicGenealogy reading?”


I rarely have the opportunity to do a “targeted” PsychicGenealogy reading where the person I am reading for has a time period, and perhaps even a specific personality in mind. Such was the case for Kimberly. In addition, she had had a very vivid, short dream to share before the reading began…I was seeing into a vast space and realized that the large group filling my room was one of thousands of large groups of dead Vietnam soldiers…

The Gratitude Twins

The twins were born into a family who were members of a touring company of performers. They were boys, who dressed as girls for performances, and were trained from a very early age to perform a particular act, which was to form kanji characters using black fans and their bodies in black outfits, in very specific positions.

The twins could leap into the characters for:
Dragon – Peace – Obedience – Honor – Gratitude

The Headdress

“I have something to tell you.” Zan-Eyan whispered, “The energy within this headdress is a personality that was born with a very strong psychic gift. This personality has studied for many years on the dark side of the moon. It is a feminine personality whose psychic energy grew to such an extent that no physical form such as ours could contain it. Like you, Ariel, her spirit also longs to do good things in the world. This is why her energy, when it left the physical world a long time ago, went to the dark side of the moon to study and to develop. Now it is time for her to use what she has learned in a meaningful way, and it seems she is to do this in partnership with you.”

The Statue, Chapter Six

The Statue A PsychicGenealogy Reading for Sara Chapter Six When the main quake hit the steep, elusive path taken by Lin Yao, Chang Juan and the little black mare, the riders were thrown to the ground and it was everyone for themselves! Chang Juan ended up several...

The Statue, Chapter Five

The Statue A PsychicGenealogy Reading for Sara Chapter Five The journey for Yun Tai, Zhen Juan and Chen was much easier. Along the way Yun Tai gathered information about the Lord Tian Wang Su from the numerous merchants coming and going. Apparently, all of the roads...

The Statue, Chapter Four

The Statue A PsychicGenealogy Reading for Sara Chapter Four The Artist and Chang Juan easily found the huge wall of water the little old man had spoken of and they carefully made their way behind the magnificent curtain of falls. The energy was exhilarating! The...

The Statue, Chapter Three

The Statue A PsychicGenealogy Reading for Sara Chapter Three "You are an idiot!" Yun Tai repeatedly whipped Chen with the tip of the ox cane. "You are the reason we are late! You're not worth the money I gave for you; I deserve a partial refund!" Chen wasn't able to...

The Statue, Chapter Two

The Statue A PsychicGenealogy Reading for Sara Chapter Two Once back from town, from the side window of his modest home, Iuan She watched Mao Shangu furiously searching in vain for The Artist, her bundle, and Yun Tai. He smiled as the angry old man emerged from...

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