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Welcome to Silhouette’s Blog! Here, with the consent of the person who she’s reading for, the gifted psychic shares some of the unbelievably fascinating Psychic Genealogy readings she has done. These were originally offered as a $12/year subscription, but now they’re available for you to read for free…only on Silhouette’s Blog! Perhaps one or more of these amazing stories has moved you deeply? You can help support Silhouette with a donation of any size.

The Statue, Chapter One

Long ago in ancient China, a young female artist received a particularly attractive piece of white alabaster with cinnamon-colored veins running throughout. “The magistrate has graciously given me this stone for you to work,” her father said sternly as he carefully put the heavy block into her little hand cart. “He is expecting something more this time, something unexpected, do you understand?” She bowed to her father and then eagerly hurried the little cart into her bleak and tiny studio to begin working the beautiful stone…

She Walks with Death

Makenna’s reading started about 10 minutes before it was set to begin. The being coming through was tripping hard on her long chestnut brown hair.

The fascination with Makenna’s long hair was because Cynthia (the personality coming through) had lost all of hers due to chemo. She and her mom were caregivers to 3 very ill elderly family members, all of whom were chain smokers. Back in Cynthia’s time the idea that smoking caused cancer was still debated. None of her grandparents believed it, even though one of them had already passed away coughing and coughing, blood seeping from the corner of his mouth.

Shailin Zum – The Girl in the Moon

A year before this reading took place, Shailin – a beautiful young white woman, told her family that she felt black and adopted, so it wasn’t a surprise to see the round smiling face of a very dark-skinned black man gazing up at the moon when the channeling began.

He was delighted to meet himself in the future, and pleased to see that he was now a young white girl, who happened to still feel his blackness and spirit! “It’s like I’m in a good disguise!” He remarked.

The Jin Bao Sisters

The Jin Bao Sisters The Jin Bao sisters were identical twins in ancient China. They were so identical and inseparable, they had only one name: Jin Bao. The family they were born into was both wealthy and royal, and for this reason they very rarely left the grounds of...

Welcome to Silhouette’s New Blog!

Welcome to Silhouette’s New Blog!

Hi, I'm Silhouette, and so much has been happening lately that I've decided to start a new blog so I can make announcements when new developments occur. Silhouette's Blog will have announcements about upcoming appearances, new members-only content posted on the site,...

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