The Headdress

A PsychicGenealogy Reading for Sara G.

A talented artist made The Headdress for a most interesting client named Ariel. Ariel lived in a time period when almost everyone had some type of psychic ability. She, however, did not. This made her feel insecure and sad so she decided to ask for guidance. As she lit her sacred candle and prayed, her intent was so pure and sincere that when she went to sleep that very night she had a dream.

She dreamt of going to a studio where she met an artist who made something for her, something so beautiful and so special that when she used it, the psychic ability she had always longed for became hers! When she awoke the next morning, she had no memory of what exactly had been made for her. However, she did recognize the place where it had been created, Zan-Eyan’s Studio!

Zan-Eyan was an extraordinary artist with highly developed talents. She was also well known as a scientist, and she loved opportunities to integrate her work in both fields.

Ariel’s heart was pounding and she felt nervous when she arrived—but all that changed to joy when she found the studio door already open, and Zan-Eyan expecting her. Ariel explained her situation and told Zan-Eyan about her dream.

“It’s funny,” she laughed, shaking her head as if to clear it, “I’m telling you all this, but feel as though you already know why I’m here. Could that be true?”

Zan-Eyan gave Ariel a big hug and said, “Go home now and come back in two weeks. Yes, it’s true, I too have had a dream.”

Zan-Eyan immediately went to work creating a special headdress for Ariel that she could wear whenever she wanted to provide someone with a psychic vision. Using one of her previous inventions, elastic metal, she fashioned the headband into the shape of a crescent moon. The moon was then encrusted with 22 sparkling diamonds and attached above the metal moon of diamonds was a magical material. When The Headdress sat upon Ariel’s head, the magic material would produce a healing vision.

For Ariel, the two weeks crawled by and when at last the day finally arrived, she hurried excitedly back to the studio. She was immediately taken to the workshop and there, sitting upon Zan-Eyan’s worktable, she saw the most incredible Headdress.

“I have something to tell you.” Zan-Eyan whispered, “The energy within this headdress is a personality that was born with a very strong psychic gift. This personality has studied for many years on the dark side of the moon. It is a feminine personality whose psychic energy grew to such an extent that no physical form such as ours could contain it. Like you, Ariel, her spirit also longs to do good things in the world. This is why her energy, when it left the physical world a long time ago, went to the dark side of the moon to study and to develop. Now it is time for her to use what she has learned in a meaningful way, and it seems she is to do this in partnership with you.”

At first, there were no words coming to Ariel. She was silenced by the beauty and mystery before her. She gazed at it and into it, fascinated by the contrasts of textures, and the softness of the black flowing material above the headband, which gleamed with sharp edges, angles and points. It was so perfectly polished, capturing and reflecting every glimmer of light, drawing the eye back, over and over again.

“What,” Ariel finally managed to ask softly, “is the significance of this part?” She pointed to the center of the crescent moon. There, the metal was shaped into a chevron.

“As you can see,” Zan-Eyan explained, “this shape points upwards, but what you cannot see is that the tip has been tuned to always be receptive to the energy of Mercury, the guiding planet of the personality that inhabits this headdress. This chevron is her compass; her antenna, so to speak, tuned in precisely to the Mercury frequency.

“And the diamonds?” Ariel asked.

“The diamonds are as significant as they are beautiful, for they enhance psychic conductivity. As for the magic black material,” Zan-Eyan paused, “all I can tell you is this -— when The Headdress is on your head, you’ll be able to see what the material is doing in your mind’s eye. Do you understand? Then, just say what you see!”

Ariel moved closer to the table, “It’s so dark!” She marveled, “and mysterious…” She reached up slowly to touch the material and as she did so, it reacted, waving away from her hand, just as a wild animal might!

“Oh my!” She exclaimed, “It’s alive!”

“Oh my, indeed!” Zan-Eyan echoed her surprise as she intently watched Ariel play with the material. She reached towards it with both hands, came at it from all sides, teased it and giggled with delighted eyes. “Those eyes were filled with sadness just two weeks ago,” Zan-Eyan remembered, “sadness and self-doubt.”

“How does it work?” Ariel’s excited voice interrupted the artist’s pensive moment.

“I have no idea.” Zan-Eyan smiled, “you’ll have to try it on and figure it out.”

“You mean now?” Ariel’s former look of insecurity began to creep back into her expression.

“Why not?” Zan-Eyan encouraged, “I could certainly use a psychic reading today.”

Slowly, Ariel picked up The Headdress and, standing in front of the large oval mirror on the studio wall, she placed it upon her head. Immediately, she saw and felt the mysterious magic black material respond by flowering open and waving at her in the mirror!

“Oh my!” Ariel began to tear up as she timidly waved back! “Oh my…” was all she could say.

“What do you see?” Zan-Eyan asked, stepping behind Ariel to also look into the mirror.

Ariel paused, her heart beating rapidly with excitement. “Well, my beautiful new partner,” she whispered to The Headdress, “What can we show Zan-Eyan?”

The magic material instantly reacted to her question. Ariel saw it twirl itself up into a fine tight twist. Next, she felt the headband portion tighten slightly around her head. Then everything began to heat up! The material began to glow black cherry red, the diamonds captured the light from the glow and threw the bits of red color into the mirror, which in turn sent the hundreds of tiny crimson lights dancing out into the room. The lights completely captivated Ariel’s attention and as she watched in awe, they gathered themselves together to surround the subject of the reading.

“Hold very still,” Ariel whispered to Zan-Eyan, “the diamond lights are reading your aura! Oh my goodness!” Ariel’s hands flew up to her quivering mouth, “I’m in rapport!”

The reading went wonderfully. Ariel exuberantly described what she saw within the rapport. Pictures of Zan-Eyan’s future, including works of art and science, and warnings of what should be avoided in order to ensure success.

“I am so impressed and enlightened!” Zan-Eyan said as she gave Ariel a big hug. “You two are a perfect match! Now, go home and do great things! It’s time for me to rest!”

Off To A Rough Start

In the beginning of their time together, things did not go very smoothly for Ariel and The Headdress. The first two people they had so hoped to help had said that they saw the beautiful, diamond encrusted headband but not the incredible flowing material! One even ran her hands over the top of the headband, saying, “I don’t feel or see it, my dear…” All the while, Ariel saw the material waving away from the woman’s hand.

“Do you see it now?” She asked, putting the headdress on.

“No, honestly, I don’t.” was the sad reply.

Although Ariel was rather shocked and quite taken aback by these awkward situations, she managed to put on a positive face, saying, “Perhaps The Headdress psychic reading is not for you, my friend. May I give you the names of other readers? A Flame might be a better medium for you or perhaps…the Crystal Ball?” However, when a third person also said that she could not see the magic material, Ariel took The Headdress back to Zan-Eyan.

“I don’t understand it,” Ariel told Zan-Eyan as she carefully placed The Headdress back on the worktable. “Everything went so well when I read for you but when I got home and attempted to read for others — well, it just didn’t work. I’m sure it’s me, not The Headdress.” Obviously disheartened, she smiled a brave smile, “I’m sure that one day I will find my calling. Thank you for helping me try.”

She turned to go but Zan-Eyan softly touched her shoulder, “I thought you understood the way it works,” she said turning Ariel around to face her, “I thought you knew that only you can see the magic material.”

Ariel was stunned, “What do you mean? Only me? You see it! You saw it! You made it!”

“No, I don’t see it,” Zan-Eyan insisted, “only you!”

“Now, wait a minute!” Ariel complained uncharacteristically, “How could you have made something that you could not see?”

“That’s what I said! ” Zan-Eyan’s hearty good-natured laugh brought a relieved smile to Ariel’s tense face. “I didn’t know where or how to begin! But I knew I had to give it a go! The dream I had about you and The Headdress was so true and so rich in detail, that I could see what to do even though I couldn’t see the material itself, for I saw myself doing it! But I didn’t understand it. Sit down, my friend.” Zan-Eyan patted the seat cushion next to hers, “Have a cup of tea. Let me tell you what happened.”

The Making of the Magical Material

In the dream, Zan-Eyan had seen herself making a motion in the air that resembled sewing with invisible thread. So, although she felt rather silly standing over her empty worktable and imitating those movements, after a while she began receiving thoughts that related to these sewing like motions.

She explained, “I began to understand that I was stringing atoms upon that invisible thread, which by the way, was not really a thread at all but — are you ready for this?” Zan-Eyan paused to take a sip of tea, “It was a living invisible being! After a while I could actually feel it between my fingers! And oh, it was, at first, an utter frustration, for I simply could not really believe it. I thought I was going daft. It seemed impossible, and I had a terrible time holding on to it! It was so thin and so… so… INVISIBLE! And to top it off, it was moving all over the place! I lost hold of it so many times at first that I truly did doubt its existence, as well as doubting my own ability to bring down such a dream!”

“But,” she said with wonder in her voice, “the times, be they few and far between, when I was able to hold onto the super thin, invisible snake-like being…well, they were so magical and it just felt too real to doubt. I had to keep trusting and practicing, and soon I actually got the hang of it!”

Zan-Eyan became adept at moving exactly as she had seen herself moving in the dream. Helping the invisible snake collect selected atoms just as a necklace maker might select and string beads. And as she worked, she learned that the invisible snake was diving into the center of the atoms that called to it. Further she understood that, just as a jewelry maker creates a pattern with different beads; there was also a pattern being developed along the invisible snake’s thin body.

“At one point,” Zan-Eyan’s eyes were electric, “I finally got up the nerve to feel along the invisible snake’s body to see if I could tell how long it was with my fingers, and maybe how many atoms were already strung and, oh my goodness! ” She cried out excitedly, “I could do it! I could feel from the tip of the invisible snake’s nose to its tail, which was knotted, I tell you, Ariel, knotted, to keep the atoms from sliding off! It was such an incredible experience! I worked almost nonstop for the first four days!”

Zan-Eyan said that, in all, there were 400 invisible snakes working on this project. These were the “momma snakes,” as she fondly called them, the ones she helped to string with atoms. Each of the 400 momma snakes, once completely strung with atoms, became a one-of-a-kind original.

“And then,” she continued, “the momma snakes replicated themselves instantaneously! They made precise copies -thousands of them, for your headdress, Ariel. They multiplied to the maximum number of atoms possible before reaching the state of visibility. Just to the brink, so to speak. That’s why, after a while, I began to feel as if I could see the magic material myself, but in reality, it was still just out of sight even after it was finished.”

Zan-Eyan got up from her seat, went over to the worktable and picked up The Headdress. “But you, my friend,” she said holding it out to Ariel, “you can actually see it!”

Ariel leapt to her feet and grabbed The Headdress with both hands, “Oh! You are meant to be with me!” She held it close as tears of joy ran down her cheeks.

The Headdress and Ariel went on to become a most effective team. In time, their unique and special type of psychic gift became apparent, and they were known as Psychic Reader Healers. In other words, if a psychic reader in their community became ill, Ariel and The Headdress could provide them with a healing vision.

When The Headdress was upon her head, Ariel was able to show something to all who came to see her, something they could not see for themselves. Also, everything that was shown in the magic material portion of The Headdress was of a healing nature, and always beneficial, for that was the heart’s desire and fulfillment of the spirits of both Ariel and the energy that embodied The Headdress.

The End


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