The Statue

A PsychicGenealogy Reading for Sara

Chapter Four

The Artist and Chang Juan easily found the huge wall of water the little old man had spoken of and they carefully made their way behind the magnificent curtain of falls. The energy was exhilarating! The incessant roar of the water on the stone deafened all other sounds. The Artist became overwhelmed suddenly by the privacy such an environment provided. She felt deeply suppressed emotions welling up in her throat and she had to release them. For the first time ever in her life she screamed out loud. All of the pain she had endured was packed into that one wretched scream, which was absorbed as fast as it came out by the waterfall. As her breath and throat gave out the scream became laughter, the laughter became tears, and then anger turned the scream into a shout, “My name is Lin Yao!” she shouted over and over again, “Lin Yao!”

Chang Juan sat upon a wet stony ledge laughing and crying with joy to see her friend and creator finally so free. They slept soundly that day behind the great waterfall and as the sun went down, they arose and Lin Yao reminded herself of the old man’s words. “‘Don’t use your eyes but mine’…what could that mean?” She puzzled as she looked around the ever darkening, mist filled space.

Just as the final moments of light faded, she saw a thin walking stick leaning against one of the slippery dark walls. She grabbed it and couldn’t help but to give it a hug before saying, “Let’s go.” She began tapping the stick along the floor of the cave. She had hoped to hear the tapping as they had when the little man appeared. But the roar of the water was too intense so instead she concentrated on the tapping vibrations moving up through the stick.

Suddenly all Lin Yao’s years of carving stone came into play. She remembered that stones sometimes had fractures hidden deep inside and so she could tap upon a piece of stone to discover such flaws or “openings” as she preferred to call them. Lin Yao placed Chang Juan in the bag and on her back so they could converse while she hunted for the staircase. By shouting into each other’s ears, they could hear above the drone.

“Fractures are not flaws to me.” Lin Yao explained, “They are the indicators of where one piece of stone begins and where the other ends. That’s what we must find now — the indicators.” She put her full focus into the hand upon the stick as she tap, tap, tapped. Finally, she felt a change in the vibration. “Here!” she shouted excitedly to Chang Juan. She tapped further in one direction but lost the feel and had to turn back. Beginning in a new direction she excitedly found another disparate vibration, “Here — here’s another one!”

“Congratulations!” Chang Juan patted her partner on the back sweetly. They were able to locate all of the indicator stones and very quickly they found the staircase foretold by the little old man. They climbed all night and got up and out of the cave just as the sun began to rise. By day, as instructed, they sought refuge away from the road and slept. The third day turned out to be their lucky day, for on the way to find a safe resting place, they literally fell into a gully of huckleberry bushes full of black, ripe berries.

They were refreshed several times along their arduous journey by the bounties of the natural world but declined assistances of any kind from people — especially those offering cart rides. Many times they were tempted as the climb became increasingly difficult. The old route grew more elusive and rough with broken and jagged stones. After a while, they met no other travelers and saw no other side roads branching off, neither north nor south.

Finally, Lin Yao had to stop. Her shoes had barely been worthy of walking before this journey, and now the soles were nonexistent. Her feet were cut and bruised, so were her hands and knees, as she so often had to crawl along the path on the darker and cloudier nights. “Oh, my, Chang Juan, I must stop and rest tonight, forgive me.” Lin Yao confessed, “I can’t go on.”

Chang Juan didn’t say so but she was very distressed by this news. She completely understood and she desperately wanted to support her friend, but she had a very uncomfortable feeling along her edges. The places where her lover and she touched were on fire. She knew there was danger, and that they needed to somehow continue! She reluctantly started to voice her concern but was interrupted by a familiar sound…tap, tap, tap, tap.

“Old Man?” Chang Juan called out in a half whisper. When no one answered and the tapping grew louder she became anxious, ‘If not the old man who could it be?’ She quietly hid next to her exhausted companion as the tap, tap, tap, tapping of the little black horse’s hooves grew ever closer. She casually came around the corner and stopped to nibble some grasses right there in front of them!

“Have you come to help us?” Chang Juan cried softly so as not to spook the animal. The horse responded by nudging Lin Yao with her soft pink muzzle. “Lin Yao, wake up! Lin Yao! Look who’s here to help us!”

End of Chapter Four


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