The Statue

A PsychicGenealogy Reading for Sara

Chapter Six

When the main quake hit the steep, elusive path taken by Lin Yao, Chang Juan and the little black mare, the riders were thrown to the ground and it was everyone for themselves! Chang Juan ended up several yards ahead, Lin Yao was sent flying backwards and the petite mare was knocked completely off her feet. They scrambled to reunite, but were stunned to find that where before they were climbing upwards to reach their destination, now the village of Tian Wang Su lay below them in ruins!

Further, Chang Juan was vibrating uncontrollably! She couldn’t stand up and she couldn’t prevent herself from rolling and tumbling and falling downwards towards the ruins. Lin Yao and the little mare tried to go after her, but when the aftershock hit they had to take cover and they lost sight of Chang Juan altogether! “Chang Juan!” Lin Yao called out, “Chang Juan!” But her cries were lost in the cacophony of terrifying sounds surrounding them.

Zhen Juan, meantime, was now falling upwards! All the people attempting to escape via the old road were thrown backwards and down into a fissure the size of five football fields, but Zhen Juan was being pulled upwards via some magnetic force greater than gravity. The aftershock was over, yet both Zhen Juan and Chang Juan continued moving towards each other along the same broken road. Their infant disguises were torn away as they vibrated and tumbled along, until they were in each other’s arms again! Finally, they were reunited, the two within one, as originally and perfectly created by The Artist, Lin Yao.


The End


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