The Statue

A PsychicGenealogy Reading for Sara

Chapter Three

“You are an idiot!” Yun Tai repeatedly whipped Chen with the tip of the ox cane. “You are the reason we are late! You’re not worth the money I gave for you; I deserve a partial refund!”

Chen wasn’t able to articulate rebuttals to her insults because his previous owner had early on removed his tongue to increase his value as a slave, but he was capable of making a wide range of sounds that served rather well for arguing and especially well for whining. His new mistress, Yun Tai was upset with him for stopping to loosen the ropes holding down the “baby.”

“Aggghaaaa!” he protested her whippings and defended his actions, “Ah ggaha gaha ga baba!”

“You get back up front! The meeting place is just ahead! It’s time for you to earn your keep. Go up there, find that artist and kill her, you got that, Chen?” Yun Tai threatened him with the cane. Chen nodded slowly while looking at his toes. “Well, get out your knife and get going!” She poked him with the bamboo, however before he could take a step, they heard a tapping sound coming closer from within the fog. “Wait!” Yun Tai whispered loudly, “Go hide!” she commanded but it was too late.

“Well, hello!” A young man dressed in a beautiful black silk coat threw back his wonderful brocade hood and called out cheerfully, “How good it is to see fellow travelers this evening of many mysteries!”

He slid off the back of his little black horse and stretched. “Where might you be going, madame, may I ask?” His refined manner and elegant appearance had a disarming effect upon Yun Tai, plus she very much liked being called “madame” for a change.

“I have something of great value to show the Lord Tian Wang Su!” She bragged to impress the well-dressed young man.

“Tian Wang Su! Oh my dear! Such a long way to go! Have you been there before?” he asked, handing the reins of his horse to Chen. Yun Tai shook her head. He continued, “Well! His summer residence is high atop the rugged western mountain, however, you will be happy to know that the main road is clear and as long as you avoid the woods, the journey is an easy one — however chilly even this time of year! “Now,” he clapped his hands sharply making Chen and the ox jump, “show me what have you here for his Excellency, the Lord Tian Wang Su!”

As he bent down over the bundle strapped so tightly to the little ox cart, Yun Tai picked up a tree limb from the road’s edge and she struck hard at the base of his neck. As his body collapsed into his fine coat, his horse reared up and bolted. Her black body and the sound of her hooves on the rocks disappeared into the mist.

“You idiot!” Yun Tai shouted at Chen, “Go get that horse—no, wait!” She knew Chen was no match for the animal, “Get that fool off my cart!”

Moaning in fear like an injured child, Chen grabbed the man by the collar of the fine coat only to find it empty. “Aggggha gha gha!!!” he screamed, falling backwards in horror.

“Shut up! Shut up!” Yun Tai tried to bully him into settling down, however, she too was beginning to breathe hard and become wide eyed with fear. Clearly, sorcery was afoot here! Angrily, she was temporarily forced to set aside her plan to kill The Artist and collect the other lover. “Get going!” Yun Tai shrieked, her voice a mixture of frustration and fear. She felt a powerful urge of panic rising within and exclaimed, “We’ve got to get out of here!”

End of Chapter Three


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