Hi, I’m Silhouette, and so much has been happening lately that I’ve decided to start a new blog so I can make announcements when new developments occur. Silhouette’s Blog will have announcements about upcoming appearances, new members-only content posted on the site, and more!

Stay tuned for an announcement about my upcoming art show…but for now I can tell you this. I answered a call to artists from a small, Bohemian-style gallery in Jacksonville, Oregon named Free Association. Jessica Cornman, the “curator of the curious,” wanted to feature a show of art by blind and blind-ish people, imagine that! And of course, that’s me…among other things, a blind-ish artist…so I decided to submit my entries and see what happened. Jessica was happy to include my artwork along with that of another blind artist, Poisoned Kandy, from Montana, for the month of July 2019. The show is called Eye Opener and the reception will be on Second Saturday, July 13, from 5-8 pm. There will even be an afterparty with Celtic music by Honey and the Bandit starting at 8pm! Please join us for a show of art that not made by the usual suspects! Free Association is located at 120 North 4th Street, Jacksonville, Oregon.

For a sneak peek at some of my art, please visit my other website, Indigenous Spirit

Iris Colored Dreams...In Your Inbox!

Iris Colored Dreams...In Your Inbox!

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